3 Ways Local SEO Can Do More For Your Brick and Mortar Business

By Carol Wright


Local SEO is turning out to be the most wanted skill these days, especially with new startup companies coming up that are launching location based services. Even though there are lots of reasons for you to use local SEO, one of the most critical is that you can gain entry into less competitive but highly responsive markets. You can take advantage of local SEO irrespective of the type of business you run because you will always have customers in your local area. This will help you obtain better prospects that are more targeted while expanding your business in a new direction. In the following article we will be looking into 3 hot local SEO tips that will help you get ranked for the right keywords, for your targeted area.

To enjoy all the benefits of local SEO then you have to take time to do the research and find good keywords you can use to optimize your site with. You have to dig deeper and not limit yourself to basic keywords when you are preparing your site for a certain location. Since you have a higher level of relevancy, your competition will be much lower and you will be much closer to local internet users. You want to search for long tail keyword phrases because that is when people are absolutely certain of what they want. People usually use these phrases to search which means they want to take some kind of action and reach a desired result.

By adding a location to these keywords, you make them even more specific. So make sure you invest enough time into keyword research and use the right tools so that you can optimize your site effectively. When you’re creating your business profile, you’ll have the ability to customize it with any photos you have of your business or yourself. You never know who’ll look at your profile, so it’s important to present yourself in the best manner, possible. So the photos you do upload to your profile will make a difference; so be sure to choose wisely. Avoid photos that are fuzzy, or distance shots of you – people want to see you up close. Just remember the most important thing about your pictures is they don’t look cheap or that you didn’t care what you uploaded. You just need to ensure that they are decent enough. Users that visit these sites are often looking for businesses that seem to be reliable and that’s impression you need to give them.

Very frequently it’s the things we don’t think are important that sometimes turn out to be the most important. You shouldn’t make that mistake, especially if you want to see long term success. Participating in small local communities or niche communities is one such thing that many ignore. You never know what will happen with things, and you can actually become quite well known like that. You know where your customers are, so then you can simply make a strategy for getting local exposure. This is how your products and services will be able to reach all those users in your niche. You can develop your credibility with search engines when more people from your area go to your website.

You can capture a greater percentage of your local traffic if you use local SEO practices. There’s nothing magical or tough about doing this, and you can do it if you take the time to learn more. If you do it, then you may discover good results in a relatively short time. If your efforts prove successful, then just be sure you can meet the higher demand. And the best part about this traffic is that it converts really well because of the location.