We can’t imagine showing up for court without a skilled, confident attorney by our side. That’s why you need competent legal representation any time you’re involved with the legal system, never take the risk of going in alone, you may accidentally incriminate yourself or worse! One thing that we agree with is that before a sentencing a judge will usually ask the defendant questions pertaining to the quality of their defense team and if they’re happy with it. You don’t want to show up in a courtroom without strong legal backing and a lot of research done in order to ensure you leave with a good result.

Traffic Law

We all know traffic laws are in place to protect ourselves and others on the road. You’ll learn the first thing you can do to avoid getting pulled over is making sure all light and indicators on your car are working, your registration is up to date, and you’re following all the rules of the road. Follow the speed limit, drive with the safety of yourself and others in mind, and keep a clear head on the road. You will want to ensure you are never driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as these not only put you at risk, but also endanger everyone else on the road. At Mast Law Firm, we do everything in our power to keep points off your license and help you avoid astronomical costs in court. You will most likely see an insurance cost jump after an incident on the road. Your local Smithfield attorney can help you limit the consequences of your actions.

Family Law

Family law is difficult for everyone involved in the case, whether or not they’re present on court days. It’s true that these days about half of American marriages end in divorce, so family law is practiced far and wide. Family law may include everything from divorce to child custody battles, child support, family member death and estates, plus much more. If you are trying to adopt a child, you’ll want a skilled family law attorney with you to assist along the way and to ensure all proper documents are signed to avoid issues in the future. Proper legal representation will take care of everything.

Hiring an Attorney

If you end up with a bad result over not having legal representation, will you ever be able to forgive yourself? Even if the police are just asking you questions, you certainly have the right to stay silent until your lawyer arrives. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court, your lawyer will help you prevent incriminating yourself or giving away valuable information. Remember that the bond between client and lawyer is sacred, so you can feel safe telling them the whole story. Attorneys Smithfield NC has a proven success record.