The Business You Can Start With Hundred Dollars

By Carol Wright


Everyone loves to be their boss; no one enjoys something which they are told to do. We love our independence in doing the thing. Working under someone can be pressurized. Thus many of us have the dream of being our boss and dealing with things where no one has to control for us or command us to do work.


Starting a business is not an easy, first of all, you need the commitment and the mind set to launch the business. Apart from the fact that being your boss is comforting, starting a business can be risky and challengeable. You will need to think and research on what business you are going to start and plan out the location, cost, labours if needed, etc.

We have the idea that starting a business will cost us a lot of money which is usually true but there are some businesses which you can start within hundred dollars.


The following are some business which you can start within hundred dollars:

  1. Pet Sitting.
  2. Consulting.
  3. Tutor.
  4. Mechanic.
  5. YouTube Chanel.
  6. Blogging and content writing.
  7. Tour Guide.


Pet Sitting:

If you are a person who loves pets and are thinking to start a business, you can start a business which takes care of pets while their masters are away from their home. Many people who have pets in their home face the problem of taking care of their pets while they are away. Pet sitting can just be an amazing help for such people.


Consulting is another business which you can start for very little investment. If you happen to have a degree in psychology or subjects relating to that and you are a person who gives excellent counselling, then you can consider starting this business as many people seek out to counsellors


You can teach young kids who are at school. Many children struggle with their classes at school. If you have a primary degree or if you have completed your high school and you are on a break, then you can be a tutor to kids.


If you are a person who has a sound knowledge in handling automobiles and has a passion for cars, then you can start a mechanic shop and begin to repair the broken machines.

YouTube Channel:

The YouTube is a widely used website.  Everyone goes on YouTube to learn something new or watch the previews of a movie or a serial. If you feel like you are an expert in a particular field, then try creating YouTube videos on that.

Blogging and Content Writing:

There are many blogs online where you can write and earn online and there is a huge demand for content writing, and if you have the skill and knowledge, you can write content.

Tour Guide:

If you happen to live at a tourist spot and know the place in and out, then you can take little efforts in learning the historical facts of this location and become a tour guide.