Top WordPress Plugins for Business Website

By Carol Wright

It’s no secret that WordPress is being used by a majority of IM marketers these days. When you think about this, it doesn’t come as a surprise. This content management platform is free to use, easy to install and even easier to manipulate. It’s not necessary to be a web designer, programmer, or really anything in particular – just your desire to use it. The list of available plugins is extremely long, numbering in the thousands. Using the extensive selection of plugins available you can design your site’s appearance and function to suit your needs. Installing any plugin is extremely quick and easy, plus you can access them for download from the WordPresses site. Here are just a few plugins that all online marketers will find useful and helpful.

Widget Logic is a plugin that is just a great one to have. In addition to plug-ins, WordPress makes a lot of use of plug and play Widgets. You’ll merely use Widget Logic to decide how you prefer your site widgets to look. For example, if you want your archives to appear only on certain pages, or maybe your admin pages such as Terms of Service to be on certain pages, etc.

Widget appearance can be fully customized. This will lend your blog a dynamic and alive feeling because it will not have the same information on the sidebars on every page. This design and navigation element will let you put your own stamp on your site.

The Similar Posts plugin kinda does what you’re thinking it might do. At the end of every post you make it lists links to other posts within that same blog that are similar in content. This is a great way to keep your site visitors clicking through your site and interested in what you have to say. This serves very well to maintain interest in your site. The idea is pretty much to what you need to do to keep them there.

The one plugin that is so important to your marketing is Google Analyticator. Google Analyticator is a handy-dandy tool you’ll use to track your site visitors, and you don’t need to mess with a lot of code. By now you know that the most reliable web stats come from Google Analytics. You know that in order to track your sales and your conversion rates you need to pay attention to the reports generated by Google. If you forget to insert the tracking code, however, your results aren’t just going to be skewed, they are going to be non-existent. Well, this is nice – the Google Analyticator does not need anything installed for it to work for you. You’ll really ramp-up your marketing online if you take advantage of WordPress. The attitude toward WordPress has changed so much because IM marketers realize how powerful it is and what it can do. Anybody can use WordPress.

Internet marketers who have always avoided marketing with blogs are turning to them more and more. For those who always thought it was hard to do, or expensive, well it’s not and can be used by them. You can customize your site for any use with plugins and WordPress.