SEO Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Success

By Carol Wright

In order to succeed in any online business and see real results, it’s important to find ways to keep bringinig traffic to your sites. Perhaps the best way to find this kind of traffic is to learn ways to optimize your website so it appeals to search engines. Unfortunately there are some Internet marketers who make a point of working on ways to fool the search engines instead of using proven optimization tactics. This is the reason many websites get banned by Google and other major search engines.

Of course, there are some webmasters who don’t know that what they’re doing is unethical. Both of these cases can be attributed to incomplete knowledge of how the search engines rank the sites listed there. In order to get your SEO tactics correct, it’s important to know what you’re doing wrong. This article will be discussing a few SEO mistakes that you should keep in mind and try to avoid.


The main mistake beginning webmasters make is attempting SEO with keywords that aren’t narrowed down. Yes, keywords happen to be an important element of SEO, but if you go on and stuff a high number of keywords in your content, then it will only get you into trouble with the search engines as they will penalize your website for spamming. You will lose your site’s high rank because of too many keywords, and that means you’ll also get less traffic. It’s also not appealing to your visitors because they only like sites that make sense and are helpful.

Link Building

Faulty internal linking is a huge mistake that even many marketers don’t know they are making. Your site’s internal linking is all in your hands and it is an additional factor that you have 100% control over. Linking strategy is a gem that is not even employed by most and you can reap the rewards of having higher page rankings. It is even common for internet marketers to overlook internal linking and focus more on sending the visitor off someplace else. Just try it and you will see results. If you want your new pages to get indexed fast then this is the way to go. There are plenty of examples to observe a good internal linking strategy, one that comes to mind is; notice how they provide you with plenty of recommendations that send you to related products?

SEO Services

Avoid shady SEO consultants who indulge into unethical practices. There has been a real proliferation of SEO companies offering their services as of late. You’ll only want to use the companies that use whitehat SEO methods, and stay away from the companies that don’t. You don’t even come to know about this until your site gets banned by search engines. That is why it’s important only to hire that company or those people that work within ethics and also those people that will update you constantly on how your site is doing. The more transparent they are, the better it is. Overall, your aim with SEO should be to keep it as ethical as possible. Some webmasters have no idea the damage the above mistakes can do to their website. If you just fill your site with various keywords, it will look like it’s a spam site. Also, copying content will put your out of favor with readers as well as search engines. So, if you are going to go about SEO on your own, or you’re in the market to hire someone to do it, the best SEO practices are the only ones to use.