Blending Social Signals and New SEO

By Carol Wright

Ever since the internet and business paired-up, it’s been only evolution with SEO and marketing. Social media and social signals are becoming more and more popular and important. You should not ignore this because the way to do business on the web is not staying the same. You have to be up on engaging viewers, user reviews, tweets and other social media tactics. Take a look as some of the issues that people have when it comes to social signals and the new SEO.

seo, search engine optimization
Social signals are important for your business as well as SEO.

With everything that has happened as a result of Google’s penguin update, you have to know that nothing has remained the same. Please understand that only a few things stayed the same, but the way the social signals relate to SEO have changed the most. When you take Google out of the picture, you will see that nothing really changed. Remember, that you have to understand that people and the flow of traffic can impact things. Everyone is tired of hearing about Facebook and Twitter, but they are still very important. It may not be talked about as much as the top two social media sites, but Yelp is also a powerhouse.

The users of these sites like to talk about their different viewpoints. This is nothing new again, but it’s what Google pays attention to. If you have business accounts at social sites, then how much are you posting to them? You really have to be consistent with posting regularly so your audience stays with you. One of the things about Facebook is that if you ignore your audience they will assume that you aren’t interested or that you have disappeared. Not only will they quit going to your page, they will forget about you. You want to avoid that, so that means you need to be consistent in your communications with them. You don’t have to do this all day, you can take a small fifteen minutes to post something.

seo, search engine optimization
Always consider SEO as a component of your internet marketing plan.

There is no single way to add SEO to your site. First of all you can provide a homepage link to your FB page. This is not the only thing that you can do. Then you can add plugins such as Fan Box. Here is a great example of an medical staffing company utilizing impressive website design and optimization, in conjunction with social signals as part of a search engine optimization plan. It is imperative that you engage social media in some way. If you are using Facebook, this is most like already a part of your plan. Use social media to your advantage to get noticed. You could provide a lot of exposure for your domain name. All things sociable should be considered and highlighted to provide the most advantages. Not all that is optimized will be the same as what you use for SEO.

Don’t get stressed out when it comes to social signals and Google. If your website has top notch material that keeps your visitors happy, you will still be okay. Remember to utilize social signals and you will do well.