3 Tips To Boost Your Local SEO Now!

By Carol Wright

3 Cool Tips To Explode Your Local SEO Results

Do you have a business that would need more local SEO rather than global search traffic? What you need to do is have your website optimized for local search traffic from Google and other search engines. It’s one of the easiest ways to get customers knocking on your door and boost your business. We have 3 effective local SEO tips you can use on your site that could make all the difference.

Think like a Customer

home businessWhen it comes to local SEO, the most effective tip you can get is to put yourself in your customer’s place and start thinking like them. If you want to understand how your customers approach online searching then you need to be able to look into their mind. Therefore, you need to try and determine how someone would go about finding the products you provide or your site. We shall assume you sell all sorts of furniture including beds, cupboards, beds etc. However, your specialization is office furniture so if someone enters “table” into the search bar, will they be able to find you? Will that be an adequate combination? Certainly not. An ideal match, though, would be something such as “office computer desk.” Don’t be tempted to use broad keywords as they might bring in plenty of traffic but their conversion rates won’t be all that good. You need to employ less popular keywords that are more targeted but offer a greater chance of you getting a customer. Focusing and specializing your keywords is important.

If you want people to recognize your site locally then you need to ask openly for reviews. You will be missing out on a lot of opportunities if you don’t use this strategy. Most local sites have absolutely nothing against you asking for reviews and interacting with your customers. Why not use this strategy to its fullest potential? It’s as easy as setting up reviews on your site and asking everyone that comes in to do one, some people are bound to go write something positive about you. Google loves to see that interaction, it’s only good for you!

Reviews Mean Something

It’s just about taking out the time to personally tell your customers to review you. Of course, you don’t have to go out and ask people one at a time. All you have to do is put up a request such as “We would really appreciate it if you could post a short review of our business on Bing/Yahoo local / Google.” You could post this message either on your thank you page after people have sent you a message or signed up for your ezine, in your signature on your emails and on your site. These reviews will increase the credibility of your business, which will bring you more customers in the future, regardless of whether they are good, bad or ugly.

Get Backlinks

Lastly, you need to try and get as many incoming links as possible from other sites. This is a powerful strategy because the search engines will rank you higher the more incoming links you have from other sites. They see you as an important site for that particular keyword in that specific location. So it just makes sense to acquire backlinks from all those sites that you think are reputed and belong to the same location. You also need to make sure that the server that is hosting your site is in the same area as your business. This helps immensely for your SEO but people don’t realize it.

Local SEO practices are a process that if used right can bring you much more traffic from local search. The best part about local SEO is that it isn’t really that difficult to manage or master for that matter. You can get fast results from proper local SEO, and lots of people have done it. Once you know how to tap into the local search, you’ll be able to get targeted traffic on demand. Local traffic tends to be a bit warmer because it is local. Digital Marketing Raleigh is your one stop shop for all of your SEO and social needs. They can help you take your local SEO from non-existent to top of the pack in a relatively short time period! Why not give it a try and see what they can help you achieve.