Using What You Know With Your Blogs

By Carol Wright

How you perform with your blogging is important, but you also need to learn how to manage the blog itself. It’s difficult to learn how to do blogging successfully as there are so many facets to doing it the right way. You always get more traffic at some point, so don’t be discouraged if you make mistakes along the way. Just be sure you correct your mistakes as soon as you can and make it a learning lesson.

The following three blogging practices can help you in many ways.

Many people are capable of taking vacations every now and then, which means you need to consider what you will do with your blog when you are gone. It is important to avoid a dry spot if possible, and there are several things you can do to prevent this. Just tell your readers that you will be out of town for a while. The readers will probably wonder why you are not creating auto postings which can provide them with content while you are gone. There are software programs, applications and plugins that you can use to get this done. This is a great way to keep the search engine bots returning to your site, even in your absence, plus your audience will have something to read. This will help make your blog run smoothly, plus condition the search engine spiders and bots to return to your site every day to see what else you have posted, even if it is an auto post. Making a post a certain length is something that you’ll find many people telling you to do. The reasoning for this is that web users don’t like long posts and don’t read them. You’ll have to experiment with your niche and find out what their reading habits and preferences are. Writing 1000 word post might be apropos for your particular niche audience. It is important to write valuable content, information that your readers will actually enjoy. People will read the information that you send to them, or that you post, but it has to be interesting, or at least perceived as being valuable. You should only write about 400 words to stay on the safe side. Shorter posts of about 300 to 350 words can work out fine, too.

The problem with most newbie bloggers is that they are intimidated by the more successful blogs in their particular niche. You will find yourself unable to compete, simply because you feel that you are inadequate. You need to think of this as simply a test, something that you must overcome in order to get what you want. When you start comparing yourself to others, you may judge yourself, which could lead to even bigger problems. You will not be able to succeed when you have this frame of mind, and your efforts at blogging will more than likely end dismally. Understand that you can do the same thing, that creating a high-quality blog is definitely something you can do. Just realize that you are starting at the exact same place that every other successful blogger begins. As with most inexperienced bloggers, it is their lack of information which leads them to making the biggest mistakes possible. Developing a framework for your blog quickly is the best way to start. It’s the little things you on your blog and in your content that makes it a winner.