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No one should go into court alone, no matter how confident they are in their case, or how innocent they feel they are. That’s why you need competent legal representation any time you’re involved with the legal system, never take the risk of going in alone, you may accidentally incriminate yourself or worse! You don’t want to face unknown questioning or the pressure of a courtroom on your own. Hiring an attorney will protect you from making major errors while in court.

Traffic Law Violation

Traffic laws are safety laws that keep us from endangering others or ourselves on the road. You can definitely avoid getting pulled over is making sure all light and indicators on your car are working, your registration is up to date, and you’re following all the rules of the road. Following the speed limit and driving in a safe manner is also of top priority. At Mast Law Firm, our traffic ticket law firm and attorneys can help protect you and in many instances, minimize any points that may be added to your Driving Record and Insurance Record. In the state of North Carolina, your Driver’s License record typically allows you to accumulate up to twelve (12) points in a three (3) year period before a revocation. However, points are handled differently for insurance purposes. Racking up points can really increase your car insurance, sometimes making it too expensive for some people to own a vehicle or drive legally.

Family Law

garner lawyer Family law is one of the most difficult forms of law for anyone to have to deal with, especially those involved. It is very emotional and personal. These days about half of American marriages end in divorce, so family law is practiced far and wide. Family law may include situation such as divorce, adoption, custody battles, child support and more. Family law seems easy, but due to the high emotional defeat, it can be a tough form of law to cover.

Hiring an Attorney in Smithfield, NC

You should always have legal representation. Also remember that if you are being questioned by police, you have the right to an attorney and the right to remain silent. You have to know that anything you say to an officer can and probably will be used in the court of law. Your bond with your attorney is sacred. You want to choose wisely when selecting your lawyer. Working with Smithfield lawyer, you’ll feel much more confident in your case than ever before.